Old (but still good) News: Missing Sync for the HipTop

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Date: Sunday, May 22nd, 2005, 17:31
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Did you know you can now sync a Danger Hiptop to your Mac? Neither did we. Hope you didn’t upgrade to Tiger yet! Read More for the skinny…

From the Old-News department:
Users of the T-Mobile SideKick II (Danger Hiptop) can now sync their SKII to a Mac, as long as they’re still using Panther.
It requires use of The Missing Sync for hiptop from Mark/Space.
Since this came with little to no fanfare, I think it’s safe to assume most of us are using BlackBerry handhelds quite happily, thanks to the people at PocketMac.
While the HipTop looks promising, with the only method of getting data to and from the device being a website and the likes of T-Mobile throwing a switch to allow synchronization, it may be best to look into other solutions.
Also, before shelling out the money for Missing Sync, be sure to read the archives of their mailing list to see if it has stopped duplicating all calendar events yet.
While I admire any developer taking a shine to the Mac market, having a product waiting on a back burner for a year, then delivering it on the eve of a new OS launch your product is incompatible with just doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to me.
On the other hand, I have been having a great deal of luck using my BlackBerry 7290. PocketMac syncs to my desktop PIM (Daylite from Market Circle) as well as giving me the option of using Entourage, iCal/AddressBook, or Now Up to Date (which is getting a big overhaul soon from what I hear).
The BlackBerry doesn’t rely on your private and confidential data to live on servers at Danger or T-Mobile and it also delivers email through an encrypted channel back to the device. Sync has been bullet-proof, and even though the BlackBerry doesn’t have a lot of customization of the other devices out there there is something to be said for the damned thing just working so well.

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