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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Dell Computer is the first manufacturer to sprint to catch up to the wireless pace set by Apple’s AirPort technology. Dell plans to offer a wireless networking feature called AiroNet in its business notebooks, scheduled for release at about the same time as the first iBooks with AirPort ship. Dell’s AiroNet technology has a range of 300 feet (compare to AirPort’s 150-ft. range) and delivers transfer rates of up to 11 mbps (same as AirPort). The AiroNet PC Card will cost US$400, but Dell has not yet priced AiroNet’s Wireless Access Point. Although the iBook design is considered controversial, Apple is still a few laps ahead of the comeptition when it comes to innovative industrial design. From News.com:

By contrast, Apple’s more limited-range AirPort will cost US$99 for a small expansion card that goes inside the notebook and US$299 for the base station. Another difference: Apple has built two antennas into the lid of the iBook notebook to improve data transfer; the AiroNet cards are inserted into a PC Card expansion slot, and the antenna protrudes slightly from the notebook.

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