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Opera web browser updated to 12.01

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Date: Thursday, August 2nd, 2012, 06:02
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On Thursday, Opera Software released version 12.01 of its web browser. The new version, a 26.9 megabyte download, boasts the following fixes and changes:

Several general fixes and stability improvements:
- Website thumbnail memory usage improvements.

- Address bar inline auto-completion no longer prefers shortest domain.

- Corrected an error that could occur after removing the plugin wrapper.

- Resolved an issue where favicons were squeezed too much when many tabs were open.

- Fixed a problem where the Adobe PDF plugin is picked up and used by Opera.

Display and Scripting:
- Resolved an error with XHR transfers where content-type was incorrectly determined.

- Improved handling of object literals with numeric duplicate properties.

- Changed behavior of nested/chained comma expressions: now expressing and compiling them as a list rather than a tree.

- Aligned behavior of the #caller property on function code objects in ECMAScript 5 strict mode with the specification.

- Fixed an issue where input type=month would return an incorrect value in its valueAsDate property.

- Resolved an issue with JSON.stringify() that could occur on cached number conversion.

- Fixed a problem with redefining special properties using Object.defineProperty().

Network and Site-Specific:
- Fixed an issue where loading would stop at “Document 100%” but the page would still be loading.

- tuenti.com: Corrected behavior when long content was displayed
https://twitter.com: Fixed an issue with secure transaction errors

- Fixed an issue with Google Maps Labs that occured when compiling top-level loops inside strict evals.

- Corrected a problem that could occur with DISQUS.

- Fixed a crash occurring on Lenovo’s “Shop now” page.

- Corrected issues when calling window.console.log via a variable at watch4you.

- Resolved an issue with Yahoo! chat.

Mail, News, Chat:
- Resolved an issue where under certain conditions the mail panel would continuously scroll up.

- Fixed a crash occurring when loading mail databases on startup.

- Re-fixed an issue where certain URL constructs could allow arbitrary code execution, as reported by Andrey Stroganov; see our advisory.

- Fixed an issue where certain characters in HTML could incorrectly be ignored, which could facilitate XSS attacks; see our advisory.

- Fixed another issue where small windows could be used to trick users into executing downloads as reported by Jordi Chancel; see our advisory.

- Fixed an issue where an element’s HTML content could be incorrectly returned without escaping, bypassing some HTML sanitizers; see our advisory.

- Fixed a low severity issue, details will be disclosed at a later date.

Opera 12.01 is available for free and requires and Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 or later to install and run.

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