Opinion: Apple’s online store goes down like a sack of potatoes…so what’s the next step?

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Date: Friday, March 9th, 2012, 07:39
Category: Opinion, The Apple Core

If you have a good thing that people want, there’s going to be demand.

As such, during the next several hours after Apple’s launch of the third-generation iPad, the company’s online store suffered a catastrophic failure as a result of the impending traffic and transactions that came to its door.

As always, PowerPage head honcho Jason O’Grady had a few opinions to vent about the situation over at the Apple Core. The key point: under Steve Jobs, this wouldn’t have happened, especially to the most valuable technology company in the world.

Click the link, take a gander and have a killer Friday, you guys!

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One Response to “Opinion: Apple’s online store goes down like a sack of potatoes…so what’s the next step?”

  1. So I’ll preface this comment by saying I know you probably don’t really care about my opinion.

    I clicked on the link to the ZDNet article above and was shocked at how terrible it was.  I’ve been a reader of your site for some time now and have even listened to a few of the podcasts.  After reading your whining like a 3 year old child that didn’t get what he wants RIGHT NOW, I have decided to stop visiting your site.  I have also decided to email ZDNet and ask that you not be asked back for articles.  Your disregard for the passing of Steve Jobs was stupid and childish.  Grow up, learn some respect.

    I wonder if your advertisers are aware that you are driving viewers and listeners away from your site?