OrangeMicro Supports iMac's Built-In Firewire?!

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Much ado has been made regarding OrangeMicro’s description of their Firewire/SCSI Converter for the Mac. Their page states that “Apple has added FireWire to the iMac and its newest PowerBooks; and SCSI is gone forever.” We all know, of course, that neither the iMac nor the PowerBook comes with built in Firewire at this point. However, our friends at OrangeMicro assure us it was nothing but an innocent mistake. “Thank you for pointing out this error. We will remove this statement immediately.” Nonetheless, there is still a very good chance we’ll be seeing Firewire in C2, and it is already available on PowerBooks with a third party PC cardbus adapter, such as the RATOC’s CBFW2 or Newer Technology’s Firewire 2-Go, for around $250.

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