OS X malware on the rise, tips posted as to how to remove it

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Date: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015, 08:33
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This is worth a gander.

A recent piece on How-To Geek points out the dramatic rise in malware for Mac OS X, the article highlighting a spike in spyware, adware and overall malware that comes with clicking the wrong items during an installation.

Once installed, the adware injects itself directly into your browser, analyzing your Web traffic, email and sending data back to company servers. The overall message is this: even though you’re a Mac user, there’s additional malware on the rise and it’s time to form some better habits where security is concerned. In the meantime, the Mac App Store is still secure thanks to Apple vetting what goes through there, although not all vendors distribute their software through this store front.

Similar to Windows, the annoying bundles have gone cross-platform, some of these bundles not even offering the option to decline the installation or customize what’s installed.

It’s a bit disconcerting to think that this is out there, but it’s a good article and if you’re concerned about malware on your Mac, click the link and give it a read.

Via How-To Geek

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