OS X Security Update can Kill Classic on PowerBooks

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Date: Thursday, November 8th, 2001, 18:40
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Just thought I’d let you know that a lot of OS X laptop users are reporting that a recent Security Update renders their Classic environment useless. Users can still boot into the 9.2.1 system folder separately, but can do nothing Classic-related from within 10.1.

This is separate from many users’ reports that launching Classic results in an error message about insufficient resources. Those with this new problem will launch Classic, but will be treated to a blank window, no progress bar, and no error messages whatsoever. Examining the Console reveals an error in the TrueBlueEnvironment file.

Apple has been notified, but so far no response. The only solution yet: reinstall 10.1, not pretty but effective. Interested users should contact Apple about the problem (let them know it’s a problem!) and can join in the discussion on Apple’s message boards.

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