Our Favorite Utilities: DockFun! Version 2

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Date: Wednesday, February 27th, 2002, 10:58
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One of the best OS X customization utilities out there, John MacDonnell’s DockFun!, has been upgraded to version 2.0 with a host of new niceities and improvements. DockFun! allows you to create custom docks and switch between them, a godsend for those of us whose docks have become tangled, crowded messes. The new version adds icons for different docks, including the ability to use custom icons, and eschews the clumsy floating window for a dockling menu for switching between docks, among other options and bug fixes.

Unfortunately, it still takes a couple of seconds to switch between docks while the dock application relaunches, and when you add an icon to a dock you have to wait before switching to ensure the dock is updated, although to remedy the latter case a green “go” signal has been added to tell you it’s safe to switch. These are minor gripes, however, in a must-have utility: this is one of those shareware gems that shows Apple how a feature should have been done. [1.3M Download]

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