Outsmart PowerBook Bandits!

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Ahhh, the bond between a man and his PowerBook can never be broken! One reader unwittingly found a way to reunite with his stolen Wallstreet. If your PowerBook has been stolen but you need to give fate a kick in the pants to get it back, check out the PowerPage’s larceny database and register your serial number!

I had my PB 3400 stolen a year ago with 3 more months of payments! The campus police said I might as well forget ever seeing it again. I filed a report, collected homeowner’s insurance money (thank God, it paid for my Wallstreet) and forgot about it. Just yesterday I got a call from the city police that they recovered my PB. How you might ask? I have been in the habit of changing the titles in the “Labels” tab of the Preferences from the standard “Hot”, “Business”, “Home”, etc to my name, address and phone number. The officer recovered my PB in a cache (no pun) of stolen loot and started rooting around the system to find some ID. He opened the Preference pulldown menu, and up popped my address instead of folder labels. I never thought it would ever amount to anything, but now I have my 3400 back. I am not sure where I learned this trick, but it probably bears repeating.

P.S.- I had to set the officer straight when he said I needed to upgrade my system since he mainly deals with Windows. I told him that would be a “downgrade” not an upgrade.

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