P1 Details Coming Into Focus

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Although Apple has been doing its best to keep the details about their top secret consumer portable (code named P1) off the Web, the PowerPage has assembled some new information on the highly anticipated product. Late Friday we reported that P1 test models (of which there are only four) do not have any PC card slots. Apparently, Apple removed the PC card slot to keep the price point low, but we have been unable to confirm if the final production units will ship with or without a PC card slot.

We also reported on Friday that P1 test mules don’t have separate stereo input/output jacks, Apple has reportedly removed the audio in port and kept the audio out – after all, headphones are a requirement, right? Some poking around with the latest build of Mac OS 8.7 (a.k.a. Sonata) revealed modem description files for a machine called “Proto99,” another code-name for P1.

All this talk about cost-savings leads to the obvious question: how much will it cost? PowerPage sources tell us that Steve Jobs originally wanted P1 to sell for less than US$1000 but it was impossible to meet that price point, instead it looks like the final shipping price for P1 will be US$1299.

P1 will ship in five iMac-esque colors according to sources, but the actual colors are still undetermined. It would not surprise us if Apple released P1 in five entirely new colors that are different from the original iMac colors or even if the colors were somehow interchangeable ala the PowerBook 1400 bookcovers. P1 will also feature a new ruggedized design similar to the eMate 300 and it will ship with a retractable handle according to sources.

As always, features and specs of any unannounced Apple products are subject to change up until the last moment. Stay tuned to the PowerPage P1 page for the latest and let us know if you have any juice.

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