P1 to Morph into an eBook?

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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According to new information that arrived at PowerPage world headquarters in an unmarked brown envelope, Apple’s forthcoming P1 consumer portable (a.k.a. iBook) will ship in distinct two versions. Contrary to previous reports that P1 would be a consumer-only machine, this latest information suggests that Apple will ship a second less-colorful, more powerful model of P1 aimed at executives.

Initially the executive PowerBook (a.k.a. eBook) was expected to ship some time in the fall/winter time frame. eBook was further believed to be an entirely different machine designed for busy executives that “just need to check email” while traveling, according to Steve Jobs after his meeting with shareholders in March.

P1 prototypes we’ve seen bear a strong family resemblance to Lombard, but they are less than three-quarters the size. Both P1 models are rumored to be shown on 21 July at Macworld Expo New York 1999. The consumer version is expected to go on sale in mid August, with the executive version shortly thereafter (late September).

Apple is not likely to point out the FireWire port in the executive version until intro time to prevent it from drawing sales away from Lombard. More information and detailed specifications on the new rumored models are posted on our updated P1 page.

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