PacketVideo Corp. Promises Wireless Video

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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PacketVideo Corp. has recently released plans regarding the development of software that lets people tune in video from the Internet on their wireless phones and hand-held computers. The technology could help speed the arrival of the often talked about “anytime, anywhere” Internet access. The technology is sure to enable people to check office security cameras from a their car, download video clips when trying to decide which movie to see when they?re at the mall, or check baby monitors from their neighbor?s house.

Make no mistake, PacketVideo’s scalable codec is the best solution currently available for handheld video playback from RAM, ROM or Flash, and PacketVideo is hard at work on partnerships to begin making content available via Internet download and card-based media. But what truly separates PacketVideo from the competition is its performance in delivering real-time streaming video over wireless networks. Wireless digital video is hard, and only PacketVideo’s software is built for wireless from the ground up.

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