Palm Announces Wireless i705

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Date: Monday, January 28th, 2002, 12:56
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As expected, Palm today announced their new i705 wireless PDA. The new device features: 8 MB RAM, OS 4.1, SD, Universal Connector, always on wireless using The device costs US$450 and service ranges from US$10/month for 100 KB to US$40/month for unlimited access.

The name is somewhat misleading as the “05” in the model number has been used previously to denote color, as in the Palm m505. It should have been called the i700 and the i705 name should have been reserved for the color model.

This brings up an interesting question for readers in the market for a new PDA – do you purchase the gorgeous color and thinness of the new Sony Clie PEG-T615C or do you go for black & white and the wireless internet access of the i705? When I had a Palm VII I used the wireless functions about 80 percent of the time and non-wireless features the other 20 percent.

How do you use your PDA? Would you opt for color or Internet access? Sound off in our PDA message board.

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