Palm IIIe and OmniSky

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A couple of useful reviews have been posted on TheMacMind. The PalmIIIe is reviewed:

After you get your tools, hotsyncing is easy. Unfortunately, your going to have to spend a little extra cash getting the tools, because the Palm IIIe SE doesn’t come packaged with full-fledged Mac support. First, the Palm IIIe is serial-only, meaning you might have to buy a USB adapter for anywhere from $35 to a bit below $100. Secondly, the hotsyncing CD that comes with your Palm IIIe is Windows only, meaning your going to have to drag yourself over to Palm’s web site and download MacPac 2. After going through this tangled mess that rapidly lowers a Mac-users self esteem, you’ll be ready to hotsync. The only problem is that the manual that came with your Palm IIIe is targeted towards PC users. Get around all of this and you’re ready to go. [More…]

TheMacMind also reviews the OmniSky wireless modem for the Palm V:

About a month ago, I received one of the first Wireless Modems for the Palm V. It is a Novatel Minstrel V offered by Omnisky in a beta program, and let me tell you, it rocks! Although there is no official Mac support for this, yet, I installed it using Virtual PC 3.0 (Future Article) and the installer that came with the modem. After the initial install, you can sync up normally to your Mac. [More…]

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