Palm m700 Pics Leaked

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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PalmStation has posted pictures of the rumored successor to the Palm VII, code-named Skywalker. The device is rumored to be called the m700 but details are still unconfirmed.

 WIDTH=  Click to enlarge (116 KB)
Note the LED/Vib and USB clock apps.

 WIDTH=  Click to enlarge (108 KB)
New fixed antenna on top and hardware email button that replaces To-Do.

 WIDTH=  Click to enlarge (140 KB)
Side mounted SD slot and universal connector.

Some points of interest:

  • appears to be the size of the m500-series
  • metal case
  • IR port not visible in pics (top?)
  • fixed antenna at top
  • SD slot moved to side
  • email hardware button
  • LED/vibrate alarm functions (Palm OS 4.0)
  • always-connected?
  • universal connector

Although the pics are unconfirmed, they appear to be the real deal. If the pictures are confirmed, it is extremely disappointing that Palm kept the silk-screened graffiti area instead of converting it to software like HandEra did with their new 330. The Handera’s 320 x 240 pixel display and virtual graffiti features raise the bar for PDA technology. The Palm’s standard 160 x 160 pixel display is no longer practical for users that want to read email, Web content and ebooks on their PDA.

The other questions that remain: will color be an option? and, will Palm make the price of its Internet access more affordable and unmetered?

What is your spin on the leaked pics? Is Palm heading in the right direction?

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