Palm Sets Course For 2002: ARM, Bluetooth, GPRS

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Date: Tuesday, February 5th, 2002, 02:56
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Palm i705 This PowerPage pilfered Palm Powerpoint presentation (“Regaining Traction in Market Poised for Next Wave of Growth“) provides a detailed time line of Palm’s goals for 2002. Some highlights:

One of Palm’s Three Key Objectives is to “Introduce the industry’s best ARM-based wireless solutions (handhelds and OS).”

Objective 2: Executing on the Enterprise Strategy (Milestone #1) “Enterprise-integrated wireless device to be introduced in February quarter” (the Palm i705), then more on the wireless solution “the only fully featured handheld with push technology in the market.”

Objective 3: Delivering the Best ARM-Based Solutions, milestones:

  • beta release of ARM based Palm OS 5 to licensees in May quarter.
  • introduction of broad wireless capabilities in Palm solutions by Fall 2002
  • introduction of Palm-branded, ARM-based product line with wireless capabilities by Fall 2002

Broad wireless capabilities to be integrated in Palm devices by Fall 2002: Bluetooth (PAN), 802.11b (LAN), GSM/GPRS (WAN).

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