Palm Tips: Alarms, Fast Finds and Multiple Email Accounts

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Set your alarms, find items faster and add multiple e-mail accounts!

Seven Alarm Sounds to Choose
Don’t just settle for the ordinary when it comes to your alarm sounds! In Date Book+, you can choose from seven fun alarms to remind you where you need to be and when you need to be there. To customize your alarms, go into Date Book+ and tap the Menu icon. Then tap Options and select Alarm Preferences. Once you’re there, you can change the sounds for the alarm, snooze and reminder. You can also determine when they go off and how often they repeat.

Find Groups of Items Faster
Here’s a cool tip for frequent users of the Find feature (the magnifying glass). If you ever want the ability to quickly pull up a group of related records across your Visor handheld’s various applications, precede the name of each of the items with a unique identifying “tag”. For example, if you are planning an elaborate birthday party with your Visor handheld, precede any related record with “BP”, so that when you enter “BP” into the Find box, all the records you want (and none that you don’t) show up all at once.

Multiple E-mail Accounts with GoAmerica
With the GoAmerica Minstrel S Wireless Modem you can use up to ten different e-mail addresses on your Visor handheld. To add additional e-mail accounts, open GoAmerica and tap the Menu icon. From the Tools menu, tap Setup Accounts and select an unused account slot to create a new mail account. Name the new account and enter the required information. (If you do not have this information, contact your network administrator or ISP.) When you are finished entering your account information tap the ‘Save’ button to store your new account, then Tap ‘done’ to finish. For each additional e-mail address you wish to add, just follow the same procedure!

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