Survey Reveals new Handheld Features

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Date: Thursday, July 19th, 2001, 19:34
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I received an email survey from about new wireless services. There were a lot of questions but in short, this is what they were pitching. Sounds about like what I’ve heard. I hope they come out with it soon. At the address below is a link to a foreign site with pics of what looks like the next wireless palm.

Survey question follows:

Now we would like to get your opinion on a new wireless, Internet-enabled PDA/Handheld. Consider this new PDA/Handheld with the following features:

* Compact size
* Sleek design
* Palm OS
* Corporate email access (behind the firewall)
* Web-based email access
* Always on notification of incoming e-mails
* Instant messenger
* Web browser
* Web clippings
* Industry standard expansion slot (not proprietary)
* 8MB standard memory
* Monochrome screen
* No external antenna

This link not connected with the above survey.

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