Palm/PowerBook IR HotSync

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Reader Chris Long writes with a question about Syncing his Palm V and Lombard via IR:

I am trying to synch my PowerBook with a Palm V using IR. I have followed the instructions published in the note dated March 27th. 1999 “How to HotSync your Palm over IR”. I have downloaded and installed the IR Link package from IS Complete and the IR Enhance Update.

However when the Palm is located near the PowerBook, a message appears on the Palm saying ‘waiting for sender’ and the PowerBook IR control panel says ‘no devices in range’ changing intermittently to ‘chris long’ (the name of my Palm), before rapidly going back to ‘no devices in range’ again.

I, at first, suspected hardware, but I have been able to communicate with an iMac and transfer files, and I have beamed applications to another Palm III.

I phoned the European Palm help line, and they say they know of the problem which they claim lies in the Mac OS software.

Can you throw any light on this?

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