Password Security Incompatible With iMac and G3

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Looking to protect your super-hyper-mega-nano top-secret files from prying eyes? Apple TIL article 24974 notes that it can’t be done with Apple’s Password Security control panel:

Is there any way that I can have my computer prompt me for a password at startup? There is a Password Security control panel for PowerBooks; will it work on my desktop computer?

Yes, and no. Yes, you can have a password at startup. However, the Password Security control panel is not compatible with desktop Macintosh computers such as the iMac or Power Macintosh G3. In order to get a password at startup, you would have to use an application such as At Ease, or a different third party solution such as a screen saver or other security software.

Users looking for perhaps one of the coolest ways to protect your digital goodies should wait until Mac OS 9.0 ships with its voice password features. Yeah, baby, yeah!

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