PB Luggage: Just "Incase" it Rains

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Date: Tuesday, March 19th, 2002, 01:00
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 HSPACE= Sometimes you can’t get away with a simple sleeve case for your TiBook, because sometimes it rains. The Incase Laptop Sleeve for G4 [US$39.95] featured on the Apple store (click Portable Gear, under Accessories in the left nav bar) is an inexpensive PowerBook bag that is designed well. The bag provides several compartments for storage, both on the interior and exterior. The shoulder strap, made of seat-belt like material, has a nice grip material that keeps the bag from slipping off of your shoulder. Also, the bag zips to cover your Titanium with TiTote handle attached. Overall Rating: 4 geckos out of 5.

Incase’s New Laptop Sleeve for the Apple PowerBook G4 offers a new level of performance and versatility. The Sleeve works by adding laptop protection to your favorite larger bag or works as a stand alone just as gracefully. It’s designed to be sleek and slender to complement the G4’s sparkling clean looks and carries well with the shoulder strap or new retractable handles that tuck away when not in use. Incase also added a neoprene pocket so you can carry your power supply but discreetly hide the bulge. Sized to fit the PowerBook G4 and available only in Dark Graphite.

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