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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Sometimes finding the right accessories is tougher than finding the right PowerBook! If you need good PowerBook headphones, try these Sony headphones, based on this reader’s high recommendation:

I do some work with digital audio on my desktop machine and alsoon my pb2400, and in the past I’ve been unable to find a pair ofheadphones that produces good quality sound at a reasonablyhigh volume when plugged into the pb2400. A dozen makes or solater, though, my search is over!

Today I bought a pair ofSony MDR-V700DJ headphones and they are perfect for myapplication: they are very loud (relative to everything elseI’ve tried), they have a moderate treble response (unlike thevast majority of Sony headphones) and a fairly strong bass, andthey are tight-fitting over-the-ear headphones that block outmost external sounds. The bass response is important to me becauseit allows me to take a reasonable guess at what a mixed down tunewill sound like over near field speakers. At $150 they’re prettyspendy, but I’m in seventh heaven having found something thatfinally works for me and the pb2400’s feeble headphone amp.(I bought my pair at Fry’s but I imagine they can probably befound for closer to $100 by mailorder.)

I also tried out a pair of the oh-so-cool looking Audio Technica”iCool” headphones. They are also decent–lightweight, comfortable,fairly loud, and like the v700djs they fold up into a readilyportable bundle. They’re much cheaper at $50 and have reasonablygood sound quality, although the sony phones are somewhat better.

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