PC Card Notebook Alarms

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Date: Friday, February 15th, 2002, 02:25
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caveo pc card The Anti-theft card from Caveo Technology is a PC card-based alarm device for notebook computers that “operates by detecting motion, analyzing it to determine whether a threat exists, and implementing responses. Caveo Anti-Theft is independent of the computer operating system and operates whether the laptop is on or off.” Unfortunately the OS requirements are “Windows 2000, XP, Millennium (ME), and Win98.”

Competing notebook security products are available from CompuTrace and Computer Sentry Software, but only PPIRT.com is advertising a solutions that contains 2048-bit data encryption if the laptop’s security is breached, (site is currently unreachable) – all three require a Windows OS.

Are these items simply gimmicks or would you use them? What would stop a thief from simply ejecting the card? How do you secure your PowerBook in the field?

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