Phone Phreaks: More on Kyocera Palm-Based Smart Phone

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Date: Tuesday, June 25th, 2002, 21:53
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John Phinney writes in to point out that Kyocera has full information their upcoming 7135 Smart Phone on a “coming soon” page. John asks if anyone is aware of release dates; all the page has is a link to a survey for e-mail notification. The phone looks powerful: Palm 4.1, 65k color display, MP3 and video playback, 16M RAM (though that’s skimpy for multimedia), CDMA cellular, CDMA PCS, and analog phone support, USB/serial connections to computer or PDA, Eudora, text messaging, voice memo, GPS, wireless fax and modem with CDMA2000 downloads for up to 153kbps, hands-free and voice operation, vibration notification, all in a 6.6oz (186g) package that appears very “phone-like.” The Kyocera got some credit in the comments section of a PowerPage article on the Treo; it appears to deserve some time in the spotlight.

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