Pictures From Tokyo

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Since acquiring the “bronze” version of O’Grady-san, we’ve been able to squeeze up to 10 hours of MacWorld photography out of the guy (with a second battery inserted, of course.) With his new white keyboard, PHS mobile phone, and a hearty “Hi-oh, Silver”, he risks life and limb so that you may see all of Steve’s new toys.

It is with great pride that we, the staff, deliver the first round of Jason’s pictures from Macworld Expo Japan. Remember where you saw them first, and thanks for hangin’ with us.


Check out some of the people and scenery on the walk to the exhibition hall.


If you visited late last night you saw some of these preshow pictures from the floor. You saw PowerBooks draped in black cloth and you learned of the imminent release of a new machine, an hour before the keynote began.


Jason kept us up to date with live, wireless reports from the front row of the keynote address in Japan. If you were here, you were there.


And finally, get up close and personal with Pismo, and visit the show floor for a look at what’s new. This page will surely grow as the week rolls on.

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