PodiumPad Now Available at the Apple Store

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Date: Tuesday, November 20th, 2001, 23:23
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RoadTools is now selling their black Podium CoolPad [US$29.95] in the Apple online store (click on accessories, then portable). The only difference is that they call it the PodiumPad for the PowerBook.

The Podium CoolPad is a great holiday gift and a favorite accessory around Go2Mac headquarters as is keeps our PowerBooks elevated allowing airflow underneath which keeps everything running cooler. I have most recently begun using the Podium CoolPad when using my PowerBook G4 667 on my lap because it keeps it that much cooler. Oh, and it pivots!

Above is the Podium CoolPad in white
which is great for iBooks.

Pivots 360 degrees but it has enough resistance so it won’t freely pivot while you’re typing. Very soft rubber really grips any laptop so there’s nothing to attach, just place any laptop on it you ready to go.

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