Popular Science Touts iBook as Best Tech Achievement in 1999

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Popular Science released its Best of What’s New Awards, 100 of the year’s best achievements in science and technology. While the grand prize went to NEC’s slim Z1, Apple’s iBook was named at the top of the list:

Apple brings its translucent touch to the world of mobile computing with the iBook ($1,599), a laptop that’s as well rounded inside as it is outside. Available in blueberry or tangerine, the iBook is powered by a 300MHz G3 processor and comes with both a 56Kbps modem and fast Ethernet port built in (a wireless AirPort networking card is an option). It also comes with 32MB of memory, a CD-ROM drive, and a lithium ion battery that runs up to 6 hours.

Two of our other favorite technologies — the new G4s and the Seti project — were also recognized.

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