Portable Computing up to 2.2 GHz

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Date: Thursday, February 7th, 2002, 12:00
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The EE Times has a report (“Taiwan company launches unorthodox Pentium 4 laptop“) on several Taiwanese manufacturers who are putting desktop P4 processors in portables. Up to 2.2 GHz, CD/DVD, 15 inch LCD’s, 20 GB hard drives, up to 1 GB RAM, total weight about 6 lbs. and, get this. no battery.

No, these devices do not have any new, innovative, or alternative power source. Since a desktop P4 in a laptop would draw power faster than a trailer park community watching the Jerry Springer show, they need to be plugged in to AC power to be used. An external battery is an option, but the whole solution is hardly portable.

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