Power Mac Dual 1GHz for Only US$2399

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Date: Tuesday, May 28th, 2002, 11:00
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The Apple Store has some fantastic deals on refurbished Macs:

Refurbished Power Macs:

  • Power Mac G4 733/128MB/40GB/CD-RW/NV11/56K/GIGE – Refurbished $1,049.00
  • Power mac G4 800/256MB/40GB/CD-RW/56K/GIGE – Refurbished $1,249.00
  • Power Mac G4 933/256B/60GB/DVD-R/CDRW/GIGE/56K – Refurbished $1,749.00
  • Power Mac G4 Dual 800MHz/256MB/80GB/DVD-R/CDRW/NV11/GIGE/56K – Refurbished $1,999.00
  • Power Mac G4 Dual 1GHz/512MB/80GB/DVD-R/CDRW/GIGE/56K – Refurbished $2,399.00
  • APP for Power Mac (w/ or w/o display) – Enrollment Kit $249.00

To find the deals just click on the Special Deals icon in the bottom of the left nav bar.

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