PowerBook Free CD-RW Promo Ends Early

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Date: Thursday, August 23rd, 2001, 18:35
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The coupon for the free VST CD-RW drive with PowerBook G4 purchase now ends on 24 August 2001, more than a week earlier than the 03 September deadline. This eats up a significant portion of the price cut that is anticipated on Saturday.

Apple has elected to end the Burning Desires promotional offer on 8/24/01.

Every effort should be made to remove all marketing materials (Posters, Coupons, Learn More’s, Desktop patterns, electronic pdf’s, etc. ) from all accounts (including: storefronts and websites) no later than 8/25/01. Also, all advertising scheduled to run after 8/24/01, promoting this offer should be cancelled or modified to eliminate references to the offer.

There will be a number to call for customers issues.

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