PowerBook G3 Corrupted Files

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Lately we’ve heard reports that in certain instances the Wallstreet may corrupt files:

MacFixit’s report yesterday entitled“Alert! PowerBook G3 300 (Wall St.) can corrupt other data while audioCD/DVD data is read” prompts me to report that my PowerBook G3 300 (WallSt.) running OS 8.5.1 corrupts files on its internal hard disk when Isimply copy folders, by dragging icons in the Finder, from the internal hard disk to the internal hard disk of my desktop G3, also running 8.5.1,via 10BaseT Ethernet and File Sharing.

Yes! The corrupted files were just being read, not written!

This problem is (for better or worse) reproducible, although there’s notelling which files will be damaged. The damage is not repairable byNorton Disk Doctor. Attempting to read the damaged files yields -37 and/or-39 errors.

In addition, sometimes I’ve had directory and/or catalog damage to the HDthat was being read.

Although I have a DVD drive in my PB’s expansion bay, it has not been inuse at the time of these disasters.

I have never had trouble copying files over a LocalTalk connection — justwith Ethernet.

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