PowerBook G3 (Lombard) L2 Cache Issue

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Date: Friday, October 4th, 2002, 00:00
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I have a PowerBook G3 (Lombard) 400MHz that just died on me as a result of faulty cache memory on the microprocessor board. After just an hour on the Web searching for info I’ve seen countless occurrences of people reporting this same problem, always with a Lombard and always originating with the L2 cache on the processor card. For some, the PB woks fine, as mine did for a short while, just without the L2 cache. For other like me, the cache problem just eventually lead to a dead microprocessor card! People on eBay are even auctioning their “dead” Lombard processor cards.

Just wondering if this is a generalized problem and if there is any remote chance of Apple recognizing this problem and giving Lombard PB owners with a dead card a break? Replacement parts are ridiculously expensive and even refurbished cards aren’t cheap. Thanks for any info or suggestions for this problem.

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