PowerBook G3 Scratch Repair

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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PowerPage maintenance and repair engineer François Lévy writes about his solution for Wallstreet rubber scratch repair

for the obsessive-compulsive Wall Street owner, those little nicks and scratches that seem to show up esp. on the underside of the case are cause enough for sleepless nights–never mind that the new kid on the block supposedly is more scratch resistant (reason enough to upgrade to 101?). in spite of my best efforts i got such a scratch a couple of days ago.

previous readers may have suggested using a permanent magic marker (Sharpie) or such: fuggetaboudit, it’ll wear off soon enough. try a *matte* black water- or (preferably) enamel-based modeling paint (couple a bucks at the hobby store); wipe off excess while still wet. the paint has enough ‘body’ to patch and fill such minute scratches, as opposed to the marker, which only temporarily colors the metal.

PS. this technique probably won’t do much for that ‘oyster-shell’ custom job. probably need an auto body shop for that ; )

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