PowerBook G4 Combo Upgrade Program Begins Today

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Date: Monday, January 28th, 2002, 10:48
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The PowerBook G4 Combo Upgrade Program that allows PowerBook G4 Rev. B (550 and 667 MHz) models to be upgraded to a DVD/CD-RW “combo” drive fir US$300 begins today. The program was delayed for two weeks. The process is relatively simple: call 1-800-919-2775, enter access code 72523, give them your serial number, credit card and they will send out a box to your location. Then just pack your TiBook up and send it back using the prepaid Airborne Express airbill. The phone representative I spoke to mentioned that the turnaround time would be approximately 5-7 business days and that he had taken “a lot” of orders already today. So what are you going to do without your PowerBook for a week?

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