PowerBook G4 Titanium: Be the First on Your Block

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A few more readers have written in to gloat that they now are owners of PowerBook G4 Titaniums. You can’t but feel jealous when you read these exclamation mark-filled emails. The Apple Store has begun to ship out the 400MHz G4 configuration and the lower-end 500MHz G4 configuration. The first confirmed shipment we followed was ordered four days after Expo while many orders within minutes of availability are “still in assembly.” Hell have no fury like an angry PowerBook buyer as we have been carbon copied on at least one angry letter to the Apple Store. 🙂

We were also informed by several readers that their BTO orders have slipped to the end of next week. Still it appears that Apple is trying to stick to its 21 day commitment; current Tracker Reports (bottom of page) say 20 and 21 average days to ship for the two shipping configurations. Catalog resellers are expected to jump on it in the next few days while some major local retailers have already started receiving TiBooks. So, you might want to start calling up your local Apple resellers if you have not done so already. Elite Computers, a reseller literally across the street from Apple HQ in Cupertino, has a one of them on display and is taking orders for next week’s deliveries:.

“In fact, we were all so excited about getting them in that we put one out on demo within 5 minutes of delivery! The new Titanium PowerBook G4 is by far the most stunning and fastest PowerBook Apple has ever released. Due to stronger than normal demand, I predict sales will be very strong throughout the year. If by any chance you are in the area, I would like to personally invite you to come by our store for your own personal Titanium PowerBook experience. This is something you just have to see in person!” Elite Computers & Software store hours are 9AM-9PM 7 days a week.

So if you’re in the area, go and drool in person with the Mac-faithful. We’re going to stay on this story all night if we have to, so send us your Tracker tips and corrections and reload the Tracker every five minutes.

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