PowerBook TIL Addresses Infrared Modems

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Apple yesterday posted Tech Info Library Article 31011 (“PowerBook Computers: Using with Mobile Cellular Phones“), describing how to use mobile telephones and Infrared-capable cell phones with OS 8.6 PowerBooks. Here’s an excerpt:

Certain digital mobile phones, such as the Nokia 7110 and the Ericsson SH888 contain built in data communications capabilities. In order to take advantage of this communications capability, a serial connection between the computer and the phone must be established. One possible connection method is to use a serial cable that connects the phone to a serial port on the computer.

Another method is to use the IrDA ports on the computer and the phone. Mac OS 8.6 has added the ability to use the IrDA port as a serial port. In the modem control panel, select “Infrared Port” in the Connect via pop up. Select Ericsson Infrared, Nokia Infrared, or other modem script provided by the phone manufacturer.

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