PowerMac G4 533 MHz End-of-Lifed

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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In a move that traditionally signifies that a new product is due, Apple has urged resellers to book their Dual 533 orders by today Friday 15 June 2001. Apple is going to take all the backorders on the books on Friday and do the final build of this SKU. Orders placed after today will not ship.

PowerMac Dual 533 is considered End Of Life (EOL) effective today and word on the street is that it will be replaced by a dual 733 MHz machine at Macworld Expo New York 2001 [18-20 July].

And now something from way out there, I just received the following note from an Archive reader:

…expect a dual processor machine at Expo that will blow your mind. Possible dual 1.4 GHz (Yes! past the GHz barrier and Dual!). I’m a little skeptical, but how often does Apple blow your mind? Apple is trying to push 466 and 533 configurations out the door too… Hmmm… Speed and config bump on those I bet, more drive offerings probably.

We’re skeptical about that last part, too.

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