PowerPage Field Trip: House of Live Phish at Coventry, VT (Updated)

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Date: Tuesday, August 10th, 2004, 23:29
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This weekend a few of the PowerPage faithful will be facing the possibility of severe weather and the guarantee of severe traffic as we head to Coventry, VT for one last hurrah with Phish. The band loves Macs and iPods as evidenced by the iTunes tent at last year’s IT festival and Jason’s interview with the band’s tour manager about how the band uses their iPods.

UPDATED: The PowerPage class photo will occur at 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday at the House of Live Phish tent at high noon. Jason will be sporting a PowerPage T-Shirt and lurking around the iMacs. If you see him, mention the code word “Guyute” for a surprise!

So we’re looking for ideas from Phish Phestival veterans who might have info/advice on the best plan of action. Questions:

  • Who’s coming?
  • Favorite Phish song?

Extra Points if you show up in a vintage PowerPage T-shirt!Post any suggestions below. Hope to see you all there sharin’ in the groove!

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