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Date: Tuesday, June 18th, 2002, 00:16
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With so much shareware and freeware software being developed for Mac OS X it becomes cumbersome to try to test every piece of software and decide if it is worthy of using or not. Here are a couple pieces of software that top my list.

WeatherPop: WeatherPop is a menu extra that is available in both shareware and freeware versions. It allows you to observe national and international weather conditions in the menu for a variety of cities that the user specifies. The freeware version gives the weather forecast in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, while the shareware version (US$8) allows for viewing of the temperature for the current day plus a couple days in advance, as well as the current humidity, wind, barometer, visibility, sunrise & sunset. This program is a must have!

Massinova: Attention all techno/trance fans! Massinova.com is a streaming broadcast station that plays a variety of techno and trance music. Available as either a menu or dock extra this allows you to interact with the broadcast station by being able to view the current song playing, requesting songs and keeping a list of favorite songs … all in y our menu or dock!

MenuCalendar: This indispensable piece of software allows you to have a quick pull down menu for those times when firing up Palm Desktop or another calendar application will take to long. It resides in the upper right hand corner of your monitor and with a simple click, slides down to reveal itself.

@-time: I have many friends and contacts that reside in many different cities throughout the world. It often becomes very confusing to calculate the current time in these cities. Enter @-time, a handy application that resides in your dock to show Local, GMT, Internet, National and International times so you will never have to convert time zones again!

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