PPUG Meeting Wrap-up

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Date: Monday, January 17th, 2005, 11:54
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iLapDaniel A. Shockley sends along this list of some of the products and services that were discussed at this weekend’s Philadelphia PowerBook Users Group (PPUG) meeting.

Keyword Assistant, free
Keyword Assistant is a plugin for iPhoto. It is a little popup window that lets you quickly add existing or new keywords to iPhotos. It has auto-complete when you start to type in an existing keyword.
TuneTags, free
TuneTags is a (separate) application that works with iTunes to let you add keywords, or “tunetags” to your music.
Have you ever realized that many songs do not fit into just one genre? Or, you want to note which songs are good for Driving, are Romantic, or just about anything else useful to know? You can make playlists for these things, but it would be better if the song itself could be marked with many different keywords, or “tunetags” that let you know more about each song. Then, smart playlists could be made that show you all your good 80’s Driving music, or Romantic Folk music, or Defiant Rock music or even music good for getting psyched before a competition.
TuneTags lets you mark each song using many tags from a list, or Library, of tags. It comes with a starting Library of tags, but you can add your your own to the Library as you think of new tunetags that describe your music.
Disclaimer from Dan Shockley: I wrote TuneTags using AppleScript Studio. I hope to re-write TuneTags using Objective-C as I learn it, and add something similar to Keyword Assistant’s interface (auto-complete, etc).
Etymotic 6i Headphones
Noise-deadening headphones, US$150
Griffin SmartDeck, US$25
Cassette adapter for iPod that uses the fast-forward, etc to control the iPod. Not much more than a plain cassette adapter.
Griffin BlueTrip, US$150
Wireless Bluetooth Audio for iPod (like their FM transmitter: iTrip)
Griffin Airport Express Stand US$25
Position your AX to get better range, manage cables, etc.
Capacity Meter, free
Monitors battery status, and gives you the actual capacity in milliwatt-hours
iSale, US$25
Application to submit and manage eBay auctions that is eBay-certified.
Delicious Library, US$40
Scan the UPC codes of your books, CDs, and games, Library downloads the info and artwork from Amazon.
iLap, US$60
Laptop, er, notebook stand for PowerBooks. (Pictured above.)
Boinx StopMotion US$40
Software to create stop motion animation (a.k.a. claymation and time lapse recording) used by educators, professional and amateur film makers.
Boinx, Mousepos

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