Prescription frames for Glass start at $99 and available soon

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Date: Friday, January 3rd, 2014, 09:28
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Screenshot 2014-01-02 23.59.00We’ve talked quite a bit about Google Glass recently, and I even had a chance to drive it around the block a bit thanks to Jason O’Grady. One of my biggest problems with Glass, somewhat ironically, is that I already wear a pair of glasses which made for very awkward placement of the Glass frame on my face. Without my glasses, it was a strain to look at the tiny display hovering over my eye. According to Slash Gear, however, the solution to this problem may not be far away with prices starting at $99.

A company called Rochester Optical announced that they will be offering a prescription option for Google Glass owners;

“As a state-of-the-art optical laboratory, one of the first wearable technology items Rochester Optical will be producing are custom prescription, fashion, and sport lenses for Google Glass, available for purchase in early 2014.”

This appears to be the first third-party offering for Glass, but it isn’t being done in partnership with Google. Google itself has announced plans to offer a prescription lens solution later this year, although it’s not yet clear how it will be implemented. Rochester Optical says it will have more details following CES (Jan 7-10), with opening preorders “shortly after” the tech show finishes, and deliver lenses not long after that which could be as early as two weeks. Rochester Optical has a statement on their web site along with a request form to be notified when the products will be ready for purchase;

“We are thrilled with all the buzz about the upcoming release of our newest product. There is a lot of information being pieced together in the media about our prescription lenses for Google Glass. We felt it would be good to release a formal statement—so here goes from the horse’s mouth:

Prescription lenses for Google Glass WILL be available in a few weeks. A formal press release and approved images of the product will be released shortly after we fulfill our obligation with a media outlet for the exclusive first look. All will be revealed in just a few days!

If you are at CES in Vegas you will also have an opportunity at a sneak peek of the product, as worn by a VIP at the event.

Get an official invite from Rochester Optical when they are released by completing the form below.”

I suppose this was bound to be the first “accessory” for a device that you wear as a pair of glasses, but it seems like a huge investment for something that isn’t really a product yet, but if you want to jump ahead of everyone else, you have to take some risks. I have to admit, my opinion of Glass may have been more favorable if I didn’t need to squint to read the screen. I mean I already look ridiculous enough just wearing the thing.

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