Pro tip: Force your iPhone to check for App Store updates

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Date: Tuesday, September 13th, 2016, 15:05
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pro-tip-power-update-io-app-storeNow that you’ve updated to iOS 10  it’s a great time to update your iOS apps too.

Apple doesn’t allow third-party developers to release app updates that include iOS 10 features until the OS itself is released, which happened today.So you may have more updates than you expected.

I’ve previously written about how iOS Software Update doesn’t check for app updates in the background (you still have to open the app), but did you know that there’s a way to bust the cache and force the App Store to retrieve all of your updates at once?

Well, there is.

Simply open App Store and quickly tap on “updates” tab in the lower-right ten times. When done successfully, you’ll see your “Pending updates” replaced by a blank screen with a grey spinning wheel and “LOADING….” underneath it. Then boom! 39 updates (or whatever).

It’s a handy way to check for important pending app updates, like, say. The Pokemon Go buddy update!

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  1. Pro tip: Force your iPhone to check for App Store updates: Tweet
    Now that you’ve installed iOS 10 (link) it’s…

  2. O’Grady’s PowerPage via @powerpage

  3. I think your phone behaves differently from mine, but I still haven’t upgraded to iOS 10 yet. My phone seems to check for updates about once per day, so I often see the red badge on the App Store icon appear on its own. And to refresh and check for new updates, I don’t have to tap 10 times, just once to switch to that update section in the App Store App.