Problems With 1 GB RAM in a TiBook

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Date: Wednesday, May 1st, 2002, 00:00
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I have read stories everywhere about people purchasing 1 GB packages for the Tibook at dirt cheap prices and never getting them to work without the system freezing, having to remove the keyboard support bar, and other such problematic issues.

Why do the gig packs cost more than two individual 512 chips (both low profile)? Also some stories of users buying two 512 MB chips independently (both low profile) only to find out that when both 512 MB chips are TOGETHER, the system seems to have the same problems as buying a 1 GB pack.

All of the vendors (including say that there RAM will work with the TiBook and they also say that it is 3.3 volt, unbuffered, 64-bit, low power, 144 pin, 8 ns, PC-100 SDRAM. This SO-DIMM is JDEC MO-190-C compliant. High performance SDRAM Runs a Speed Code of 2-2-2 (RAS-to-CAS Delay: 2 RAS Precharge Time: 2 CAS Latency Time: 2.) and is compatible with Apple Firmware 4.1.8.

This has been a nightmare for many TiBook users. Even if the RAM fits and you don’t have to remove the keyboard support bar it frequently causes the machine to freeze or make it unable to restart. There are a lot of documented cases on the Apple discussions boards under “other” in the TiBook section.

All of these users have been able to make one 512 MB chip work but NOT both together, and all the people at the Apple Store (Genius bar) say that these are the specs that the RAM needs to comply with. They also recommend buying a 1 GB pack instead of just two separate 512’s.

What have your readers experienced with 1 GB of RAM in the TiBook? Is there a difference in the RAM sensitivity of the different TiBook Revisions? (A=400/500, B=550/667, C=667/800)

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