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Prosoft releases Data Rescue 3.1 update

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Date: Thursday, October 21st, 2010, 01:23
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Amidst yesterday’s hubbub, Data Rescue II, Prosoft Engineering’s data rescue and recovery program, was updated to version 3.1 on Wednesday. The new version, a 13 megabyte download, features the following fixes and changes:
- Runs natively as 64-bit on supported machines in Snow Leopard.

- New Welcome window for easier access to suspended and completed scans.

- Improvements to the Workspace and Home Folder workflows: now simpler to understand and use.

- New Expert feature for erasing any drive or volume to HFS+.

- Added contextual menu to Details View for quick access to common features.

- Improved recovery of InDesign, PEF raw image, TIFF and AVI files, for certain cases.

- Added support for recovering certain ORF raw images.

- A number of additional file types with no, or non-standard, extensions can now be previewed.

- DMG files with no partition table can now be found and recovered.

- Some improvements were made to improve Deep Scan results, in some cases.

- Some optional additional file browser columns may be shown by right-clicking on the table columns header.

- Catalog files with more than 8 fragments would sometimes be recovered incorrectly.

- Activation while launched from a read-only volume wouldn’t be applied correctly.

- Erase wasn’t working on 10.4.

- Erased drives wouldn’t show up in the source selection screen, sometimes causing unnecessary warnings to be displayed.

- Erase wouldn’t work on a volume that was mounted while the open dialog was active.

- Crash when attempting to erase a drive that just disconnected.

- Rare crash when a device is disconnected.

- Minor incompatibilities with the software update feature on 10.4.

- Several usability enhancements to Set Drive/Volume Params.

- Arenas weren’t rendering properly on Snow Leopard.

- User interface preferences are now properly stored in the Home Folder for when booted off the DVD.

- Fixed some bugs related to running the application on a secondary monitor.

- Improved performance and stability while browsing scan results.

- Analyze sometimes crashed just when finishing.

- When unmarking many nodes when quitting, the UI would seem to hang and show the beach ball.

- Some miscellaneous sources of memory leaks and potential crashes were fixed.

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