Purported photos of 12-inch Retina Display MacBook Air lid surface

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Date: Friday, January 23rd, 2015, 09:13
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This could be the lid to a 12-inch Retina Display MacBook Air.

Per 9to5Mac, iFanr has published a full gallery of what is claimed to be the lid and display for the upcoming 12-inch MacBook Air have been published by Japanese web site iFanr.

The legitimacy of the photos has not been determined, but you can see several additional photos below, including shots comparing it to current Apple devices such as the iPad and existing MacBooks.

The display is said to boast a Retina resolution, though the exact pixel count is still a mystery. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of the bottom case for this machine just yet, so the rumored single-port configuration will remain just that for the time being.

One possible clue that these photos aren’t real lies in the Apple logo on the back of the lid. The new computer forgoes the traditional light-up logo in favor of something closer to the polished metal logo found on the iPad.

Of course, this may actually end up being Apple’s real design direction, allowing the notebook’s design to fit better with Apple’s other devices and possibly accomodating a thinner design. A report from late last year indicated that Apple would be taking a new direction with the logo in 2015, so this could be related to that.

Still, there’s a full gallery of pictures at iFanr, so you can judge the legitimacy of the images for yourself.

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