QPS Inc. Rebate Delays

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Date: Monday, April 1st, 2002, 12:00
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I came to the conclusion after I purchased several QPS Que! products in the past and after talking with other people who did the same that QPS Inc. (known for their CD-RW and DVD-R drives for Mac & PC) prefers to keep a good amount of change, probably in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, from their customers instead of paying up their rebates as promised.

The QPS rebate form clearly states “Rebate Checks will be mailed in approx. 6-8 weeks”. Try better 6-8 months, if you are lucky and receive the rebate. I purchased a 16x10x40 External FireWire CD-RW drive in October 2001 and I am still waiting for my US$30 rebate.

A few months prior (May 2001) I purchased a 12x10x32 External FireWire CD-RW drive and received my rebate six months later (at the end of November 2001). I have called numerous times their customer service department and after waiting for endless hours on hold and getting disconnected a few times I was told that they will look into the situation and get back to me. That did not happen.

I then called and asked for the Customer Service Director and left a voice mail message for him since for some strange reason he does not take calls from his customers. Guess what? No response either. At that time I decided to take action and alert people of a possible scam from QPS Inc. and/or possible their rebate company which looks to me that they are trying to avoid to pay their customers rebates.

After all, if the customer forgets about his/her rebate after waiting for so long it is $30 or $50 for QPS – multiplied by all the people who won’t receive their rebate. On top of that I experienced many technical problems with their equipment which continuously fail to work and giving me headaches. Not to mention the weeks (instead of 3-4 days as promised) that I could not use my brand new drive since the AC Adapter was recalled and I had to wait for a replacement. So, I decided not to purchase a QPS product for a very long, long time (if ever).

What has your experience been with QPS rebates?

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