QPS Que CD-RW 24x/10x/40x $119 at CompUSA

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Date: Wednesday, September 26th, 2001, 21:07
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Want to pick up a cheap internal burner while you’re picking up 10.1 Sat.? Don’t overlook the PC section.

I was killing time in the Mac department at CompUSA this morning and I was eyeing the Que-fire CDR. I decided that it was too expensive and moved to check out the PC CD burning area. I found an internal CD-RW from QPS at 24x write/ 10x rewrite/ 10 read for $169! I thought that was great and then the box says Designed for Microsoft Windows, supporting WIN 95, 98, 2000, ME and NT. No mention of the Mac. I found this odd from QPS because they make some really good mac stuff. But, it was IDE/ ATAPI, why shouldn’t it work right? So I buy it, and there is a $50 rebate. (mail in) That brings the total cost (bought in DE, no sales tax) to $119.99. Pretty cheap, but does it work. Well, I pulled out my cd drive of my B/W G3, popped in the QPS drive and without even changing a jumper setting it worked flawlessly. I burned a cd within mintues. This rebate offer only lasts until the 29th.

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