QT Live: Apple, Ericsson, Sun to Bring Multimedia to Cell Phones, Wireless Devices

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Date: Wednesday, February 13th, 2002, 00:13
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What does MPEG-4 mean aside from a new acronym? How about multimedia on your cell phone or wireless PDA, for starters? Apple, Ericsson, and Sun today announced they’re forging a relationship to bring standards-based multimedia content to wireless devices like mobile phones and PDAs. Apple will provide the content creation and encoding (QuickTime), Sun the scalable systems end for distribution, and Ericsson infrastructure and services for mobile operators (and, presumably, the phones as well!).

With high-bandwidth 3G mobile Internet service rolled out now on the east coast on a limited basis by Verizon, and due from Sprint this summer, someone is going to need to figure out how to use up that bandwidth, making this announcement potentially very good news indeed.

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