QueueSync: First Entourage X Conduit 140b9

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Date: Sunday, March 24th, 2002, 21:00
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[24 Mar 2002] QueueSync140b9.sit.bin (116KB).

[11 Mar 2002] QueueSync has been updated to version140b8. More information can be found in the Read me file and a direct download link is available.

[07 Mar 2002] Japanese developer QueueSoft has released an update to the first Entourage X Conduit for Palm Desktop X Beta – QueueSync140b6 [107 kb]. Additional information is in the Read me file.The Web site states that this is beta software and that you should not use it with data you cannot afford to lose.

I first installed QueueSync140b0 (10.1.2, Palm 4.0b77, i705) and it hotsync’d my contacts, calendar and memos without incident – your mileage will vary. If you installed a previous version you will need to deleted your old QueueSync Settings file.

Please email your feedback directly to the author Masaru Matsumoto (in easy to understand language) so that he can make it better for all of us. Hopefully we can contribute to this project.

Reader comments below prior to today are related to a previous version. When posting comments please include a description of your configuration. (i.e. QueueSync140b8, 10.1.2, Palm 4.0b77, Palm i705, Ti667).

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