QuickTime 6 Preview Here; eMac Available to Consumers

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Date: Tuesday, June 4th, 2002, 09:19
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Two big announcements from Apple today: QuickTime 6 Preview is now available for English systems, and the eMac can be purchased by consumers.

QuickTime 6 Preview (as well as QuickTime Broadcaster Preview) is available today, complete with MPEG-4 support, AAC audio, Instant-On video for broadband users, skip protection, updated interface, DVD Pro PAL, Flash 5, JPEG 2000, and enhanced AppleScript and APIs. And the good news: your QT 5 Pro key will work in version 6! The preview expires in October. No news on foreign language versions yet.

And while a number of readers here have complained about the design, the eMac is certainly a great buy for consumers who have been jealous of this previously education-only offering from Apple: 17″ CRT, 40g HD, 128M RAM, CDRW, audio in and out, and G4/700, all in about the same size package as the previous CRT iMac, for just US$1099. It’s not yet clear from today’s announcement whether this deal will be available outside North America.

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